Marbles for sale

It boggles the mind that anyone can find pleasure in such a ghastly little thing like marbles. Apparently, collecting marbles is a major pastime for a select few. Marbles for children can be likened to eating their favourite food. To a parent, on the other hand, it is a nightmare, especially when they get under foot. We have seen within many movies how a villain cripples the progress of the hero by flooding the floor with marbles. Down they go, sputtering and sliding across the surface of the floor, which usually ends with them falling with a firm ‘thud’ on their backside. However, if your interest turns to these little trinkets I can tell you where to find them!

Yixing Jinzhu Glass Products

Yixing Jinzhu Glass Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of marbles, who specializes in the production of glass marbles and other glass products. If your requirement is printed marbles, look no further. They supply the European market with between 80 and 90 percent of marbles available for sale. These decal marbles have risen in popularity and can be found in most supermarkets. If you require bulk marbles, then this is the place for you. Being a manufacturer of these little trinkets, the choices are extensive, with very reasonable pricing structure to suit anyone’s pocket. You can contact them online and make your purchase through their website, or find their marbles in a supermarket near you.

Moon Marble Company

The Moon Marble Company Store rolled into existence in 1997. Located near the intersection of K-32 and Highway 7 in Bonner Springs, Kansas, this store fulfilled a growing need for marble production. In stock you can find machine made marbles in a multitude of colours, sizes and designs. The sizes range from the ‘pee-wees’ to 50 mm.  Browsing their website is a breeze, where you can find creative marble designs that are sure to delight. If you choose, you can also purchase through their website.


It would be remiss of me not to have Amazon on this list. Amazon in a hotchpotch of interesting items and excellent prices. If there is one place where you can find anything, including marbles, it is Amazon. An entirely on-line store where there are thousands of sizes and colours to choose from. From the plain, to the embellished, and every colour, size and design.


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