Marble Games

Have you ever wondered where marbles came from? The game has been around forever, or at least long enough to seem like forever. The marbles that were used historically were generally naturally occurring spherical stones. Some of them came from riverbeds and had been smoothed by water, while others came from other sources. There are even reports of nuts being used!

There have been references made to marble games being played in the art and literature of some truly ancient civilizations. From Pompeii to the ancient Egyptians to some of the early Mesopotamian civilizations, marbles have been a part of human civilization and seems to be hanging on today as well.

Marbles has been played by a wide range of people in many different age ranges throughout history, but after certain historic events in our not-so-distant past that changed the face of Europe and world, the game started to lose popularity. Most people now see the game as a children’s pastime, but about one hundred years ago it was not uncommon to see groups of men playing the game in the street.

Nowadays, there are many different marbles games that you can choose from. Whether you decide to learn how to play the original version or one of the many modern variants, you’ll have plenty of hours of fun at your fingertips. The original marbles game is played by players who sit on the outside of a circle and use large “shooter” marbles to knock smaller ones out of the circle. In some variants of this version, players get to keep the marbles that they knock out of the circle, making the game a kind of “play for keeps” one.

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Marbles game variants

Among the many variants of this classic game are Cherry Pit, Nine Holes, Off The Wall, Black Snake, and Chasies, to name just a few. Each one has its own set of rules, but is somewhat modelled after the original game. There is always a circle, small marbles inside of the circle, and players on the outside trying to hit the smaller marbles with their large “shooter” ones. The differences between the many versions can be seen in the gameplay and setup of the inner marbles.

Whether you are a seasoned marbles veteran, or new to the scene, there is a marbles game with your name on it. From highly competitive variants to versions played to pass the time, everyone can find a game to suit their individual ability level and game preferences.

Playing marbles is a fun American pastime dating back to the late 1800’s.  The most popular marble game is known as “ringer“.  The game is played by drawing a circle on the ground with each players marbles inside the circle.  Each player then uses a shooter marble to try to hit the opponents marbles out of the circle.  You win when all your opponents marbles have been knocked out of the circle.

Marble Games
Marble Toss – In this game, you try to toss marbles into an egg carton to achieve the highest score.
Funhouse – In this game you create a funhouse out of a shoebox and try to shoot the marbles through the funhouse.
Traveling Marbles – This marble game is a skill shooting game where you have to get to the other side of the room by shooting accurately.
Other Marble Games – Grids, Taiwan marbles, Canadian marbles, New Hampshire marbles, and Australia marbles.

Marble Board Games
Chinese Checkers – A great game up to 8 players.
9 Men’s Morris – A strategy game like checkers for 2 players.
Mancala – A strategic capture the marble game.
Marble Sudoku – Instead of numbers, you play Sudoku with colors.

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