Marble games to play on your phone

Some of us played a lot of marbles as kids, and have fond memories of these types of games. Maybe some of us even still play marbles to this day, or would if they had more time to do so.

Marble games on mobile devices today are usually a little different from the classics. They are generally single-player puzzle-type games, where you have to stop a column of advancing marbles by eliminating them. They can be incredibly entertaining, especially in their best iterations.

Here are the three most popular marble games available for mobile phones:

Marble King

Marble king is one of such multi-level games described above, featuring 200 different levels in total (although users say that level 171 is by far the hardest level). It goes a bit beyond the pale of a traditional marble game, offering you special bonus “weapons” you can use, such as arrows and bombs.

Another unique feature of Marble King is that it offers support for multiple players, as well as leaderboards, and an area where you can keep track of your achievements in the game.

Marble Legend

In this game, you rotate a cannon and shoot different coloured marbles at a string of marbles that moves along on the way to its goal. As above, you have to make chains of three or more marbles of the same colour in a row to make them disappear.

You get extra points for combos, and also for every time more than three marbles get eliminated. There are also in-game “power-ups” that have various positive effects on your gameplay.

This game features 100 levels of enjoyment for players. In addition, there are six “secret scenes”, or hidden levels, when you play the game in “adventure mode”. We’d tell you how to access them, but that would be a spoiler!

Marble Maze Reloaded

Marble Maze Reloaded is a little bit different. Instead of being a puzzle game, it’s a labyrinth game. The goal is to get the marble to navigate successfully through the levels of mazes that come before you. To this effect, you have tools at your disposal like magnets and guns.

There are all kinds of different types of mazes available in the game, ranging from the easiest for small children to mind-boggling challenges for experienced players. Mazes also range from the obvious to the absolutely surreal and confusing.


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