Marble Game Variations

Boss Out
This marble game does not need a circle like Ringer and can be played anywhere.  The first player shoots a marble.  Then from the same spot, the second player shoots a marble and tries to hit the first player’s marble.  If the second player hits the marble, he wins the marble.
If the marble doesn’t hit but is very close, he can try to span the marbles.  The player places his thumb on his marble and their index finger on the opponents marble.  If he can bring the two marbles together, he wins both marbles.
If the second player misses, the first player tries to shoot the second player’s marble leaving his first marble in the same place.

Make a circle about 1 ft. across.  In the center a pyramid of 4 marbles is made with 3 marbles on the bottom and 1 marble on top.  The shooter has to knock down the pyramid.  If he succeeds, he keeps the all the marbles.  If he fails or misses, the pyramid builder keeps one of the shooter’s marbles.

Cherry Pit
In this version, a 10 foot circle is drawn out with a 1 foot hole in the middle.  Then each player puts 2 to 4 marbles around the hole.  Each player takes turns trying to shoot and knock the marbles into the hole from outside the circle.  If the shooter knocks a marble into the hole and keeps the shooter in the circle without falling into the hole, he keeps shooting.  If the player’s shooter marble falls into the hole, he must give up his own marbles to place around the hole to get his shooter back.  The number of marbles to give up is determined between the players.


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