Mancala Marble Game

Mancala is a game with a long history.  You can play this game with a Mancala board or an egg carton.  The game is set up by placing 3 marbles into each hole.  On the right side of each player, is a bowl called the store.

The first player to go takes all the marbles from one of the holes on his side of the board. Then the player puts one marble in each hole starting with the hole left of the hole they took the marbles from moving counter-clockwise until the marbles run out.  If you run into your opponents store, you skips it.  If you run into your store, you place a marble into it.

If the last marble you placed ends up being into your store, you get a free turn. If the last marble you place lands into an empty hole on your side of the board, you keep that marble and all the marbles in the hole on the opposite side into your store.

When one side of the board is completely empty the game ends and the person with marbles still on his side keeps all the marbles into his store.  Then the player who has the most marbles in their store wins.


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