How to Play Ringer Marble Game

1. Draw a circle on the ground from 3 to 10 feet across.

2. Draw two tangent lines on each side of the circle.  Each player then shoots a marble standing behind one of the lines to the other line on the other side of the circle.  The person who shoots the closest to the other line goes first.

3. Place your marbles in the center of the circle.  They can be arranged in a circle shape, plus shape, or randomly.

4. Then the player next to shoot kneels outside of the circle.  With his knuckle on the ground, the player flicks their shooter marble at the smaller marbles in the circle to try to hit the smaller marbles out of the circle.

5. If the player successfully knocks a marble out of the circle, he picks it up for one point.  Then the shooter gets to shoot again from where his shooter landed.  This can be inside the circle if the shooter stays in the circle.

6. If the shooter doesn’t knock a marble out of the circle, he leaves his shooter in the circle and the next person takes his turn to shoot with their shooter marble.

7. You can knock the other player’s shooter out of the circle to make it harder for them to shoot on their turn.

8. Once all the marbles are knocked out, the player with the most marbles wins.


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