Expensive marble chess

Chess is a game that is enjoyed by all classes of society, especially once someone achieves the relative knack to playing the game. Initially, chess was considered a game reserved for the elite of society, but today anyone can master the skill of the game. The level of concentration needed can be learnt by any age and all who choose to engage have the opportunity to enjoy chess.

Types of Marble Chess Boards to Choose from

Many people have learnt their first game of chess playing on a simple plastic or wooden board, while some fortunate others have had the pleasure of learning their first game of chess on a unique board made of marble. Marble chessboards are generally hand crafted, which gives a rustic or unfinished appearance. Others are manufactured with a more refined, detailed features. These types of marble chessboards are European in style and frequently feature traditional French craftsmanship. Other chessboards include:

  • The Staunton Marble Chess Board
  • The Marina and Boticini Black Marble Chess set with Marble Board
  • The Lewis Chessman Marble Chess set
  • The Christopher Columbus Marble Chess set

These are just some of the marble chess sets that are sold and, due to their high cost, are generally purchased by chess enthusiasts or for expensive gifts. Some chess sets are themed pieces and are quite remarkable to observe. Expert artisans create exquisitely crafted pieces, paying careful attention to detail to create remarkable pieces to give a sense of flair and style.

About Marble Chess Sets

Marble chess sets can be played, but it is important to remember the fragility of the pieces. When dropped, from any height, the piece may break. Some will tell you that they only take their prized marble chess sets out on special occasion, and then put them back for safekeeping. Some also keep their marble chess sets for use as home decorations. The beauty and colour of the chess set will help to enhance furniture and home decoration, creating an elegant and luxurious impression.

The History of Chess

The game of chess originated from India 1500 years ago during the Gupta Empire. The game was called Chaturanga, which was so named for the different pieces. The pieces are called infantry, cavalry, elephantry and chariotry, yet these were later changed to pawn, bishop, knight, and rook. Each culture has developed names for the various pieces, as they catch on to the art of playing of chess. Evolution of the game has set the stage for an international body known as the World Chess Federation or FIDE, which governs all tournaments and modern play. However, tournaments in chess did not begin until the turn of the century, as Kings of old were known to play games that lasted for years and would only be engaged in chess on rare visits.

Chess is a game to be enjoyed and many have found the game to assist with concentration for academic studies. It is a game of strategy, after all!


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