Marble Games

Have you ever wondered where marbles came from? The game has been around forever, or at least long enough to seem like forever. The marbles that were used historically were generally naturally occurring spherical stones. Some of them came from riverbeds and had been smoothed by water, while others came from other sources. There are … Read the rest >>>

9 Men’s Morris Marble Game

9 Men’s Morris is a strategy game where the goal is to leave your opponent with less than 3 marbles or no legal moves remaining.  The game is setup by each player taking turns placing one marble on an empty intersection.  If a player is able to place 3 marbles in a row, the player … Read the rest >>>

Simple Marble Game for Kids

Do you have lots of marbles lying around the house and are looking for some more fun game ideas? Read on to find out what we propose.

Marbles are among the oldest children’s games in the world. The children of the ancient Egyptians played with them. The magical glass balls still fascinate our children. However, … Read the rest >>>

Rare Marbles

Marbles have been around for a significant amount of time and many cultures have adapted the game. This pastime has seen many play to win their opponents’ prized marble possession, both forging and breaking many friendships.

As marbles have been around for many years, expert players over numerous centuries have sought to acquire some rare … Read the rest >>>

Marbles for sale

It boggles the mind that anyone can find pleasure in such a ghastly little thing like marbles. Apparently, collecting marbles is a major pastime for a select few. Marbles for children can be likened to eating their favourite food. To a parent, on the other hand, it is a nightmare, especially when they get under … Read the rest >>>

Marble Game Variations

Boss Out
This marble game does not need a circle like Ringer and can be played anywhere.  The first player shoots a marble.  Then from the same spot, the second player shoots a marble and tries to hit the first player’s marble.  If the second player hits the marble, he wins the marble.
If the … Read the rest >>>

Mancala Marble Game

Mancala is a game with a long history.  You can play this game with a Mancala board or an egg carton.  The game is set up by placing 3 marbles into each hole.  On the right side of each player, is a bowl called the store.

The first player to go takes all the marbles … Read the rest >>>

Labyrinth Marble Game

Labyrinth is an interactive box-style game that challenges the player to navigate a marble through a maze by controlling the level of the maze itself. By tipping the floor of the maze to the front and back, and side to side, the player controls the “fall” of the marble until the marble reaches the end … Read the rest >>>

Expensive marbles

Marble has been used for many things in homes, offices, public spaces and games for centuries. It is used to cover floors, for counter tops, bathrooms, chess games, vases, marbles (for playing marbles), exquisite sculptures, and for building homes. However, the humble toy marble has also been known to be just as expensive – sometimes … Read the rest >>>

Expensive marble chess

Chess is a game that is enjoyed by all classes of society, especially once someone achieves the relative knack to playing the game. Initially, chess was considered a game reserved for the elite of society, but today anyone can master the skill of the game. The level of concentration needed can be learnt by any … Read the rest >>>

Chinese Checkers

Chinese Checkers is a game in which the player strives to be the first to move a set of stones or marbles from his/her home position to the opposite position of a pitted 6-pointed star, using single jumps or moves. The main idea behind the game is to beat all your opponents by clearing the … Read the rest >>>

Casinos with Marble

When it comes to playing casino games, nothing compares to playing inside an elegant well-designed place made of the finest materials. Marbled casino rooms exude luxury yes, but also provide an environment of utmost serenity for players, giving them a fully relaxing ambiance in which to be entertained. Many casino games require complete focus to … Read the rest >>>